ABC123 Small Blessing Child Care Center provides educational and developmental growth programs for children 6 weeks to 12 years old. We cultivate enriching learning environments by providing a combination of quality care, skilled educators, and educational activities which foster a child’s growth and development. Our teachers create fun lesson plans which inspire a love of learning and keep children engaged. Each moment of your child’s day is crafted to ensure they are receiving the best care in a learning environment that puts safety first. We maintain a safe indoor and outdoor environment so your child can safely explore and learn. Developing partnerships and consistent communication with parents is our priority. Our parents can be confident their children are in an attentive, supervised learning environment. *Maybe in the about page: We offer three convenient locations which adhere to our highest standards and all state and local regulations. Childcare is available fulltime or parttime, and we welcome drop ins. ABC123 Small Blessing Child Care Center is here to meet your childcare needs!


Our infants are cared for by compassionate and nurturing teachers. A core component of our infant program is to create developmental and learning opportunities which foster trust and allow infants to feel secure in their care and environment. Our developmentally appropriate activities encourage our infants to reach milestones at their own pace. We enhance the infant learning experience with activities which promote physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Daily schedules and routines are responsive to their individual needs. Our infant program also includes general care, such as frequent diaper changes, bottle feedings, learning self-feeding, and safe sleep.


Our one year old to two year old classrooms offer engaging and active educational and
developmental activities. The classroom is designed to encourage children to play, explore, and learn both independently and with their friends. The daily routine and lesson plans are created to address the children’s needs of becoming more independent through self-help skills, facilitating positive social interactions, learning about emotions, increasing their physical coordination and problem-solving abilities. Our toddler program also includes general care such as diaper changes, potty training and increasing self-feeding sills.


Our three year old to five year classrooms enjoy a fun, energetic and hands-on learning environment. Teachers create lesson plans that provide the development of educational skills and allow for spontaneity for child-led learning opportunities. Your child’s daily activities will include learning centers, language and literacy development, creative play, music and movement, math and problem- solving skills, socializing with others, and outdoor play. The daily routine is structured for kindergarten readiness and to lay a foundation for academic success. Your preschooler will use their emerging language skills to tell you all about the fun day they had at school!


Our school-age program offers a fun, safe, environment that supplements a child’s learning and growth. Our mission is to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment where children can build positive relationships with their teachers. Teachers create a daily routine which gives children the opportunity to develop new friendships, get help with their homework, engage in fun enrichment activities, and play games in an indoor and outdoor environment. Our program encourages self- confidence, character development, healthy lifestyles, and responsibility.